Methodist Food Pantry

St. James participates in multiple ways to help our Methodist Food Pantry:

  • Collection of assigned food items
  • Food Pantry Volunteer Duty on assigned day every month
  • Souper Bowl Sunday
  • Push for Protein
  • Methodist Pantry Medical Supplies

Please contact Vicki Cullar or Jim Zumwalt with any questions regarding the Methodist Food Pantry.


Food Collection and Food Pantry Volunteer Duty

We collect food for the Methodist Food Pantry all year.

Our Food Pantry Volunteer Duty is the 2nd Tuesday of the month from 4-6 pm,  6-8 pm, or 4-8 pm. The Methodist Food Pantry is located at 2626 N. 1st Street. We need 5-6 volunteers each shift to fulfill the approved grocery list for a family. This includes: Volunteers to pull food items from storage shelves and fill sacks, volunteers to load sacks in a grocery cart and deliver them to the recipient’s car, and volunteers to restock shelves from the bulk supply room. If you would like to volunteer at the Food Pantry please contact Vicki Cullar.

St. James UMC’s list for the United Methodist Service Center and Food Pantry includes the following foods and personal hygiene items:

Tuna                                                 Toilet Tissue                              Toothbrushes                                           Chili                                                  Bath Soap                                   Toothpaste                                               Stew                                                 Shaving Cream                         Shampoo                                                   Soup                                                 Razors                                          Conditioner                                               Corn bread mix                            Deodorant                                  Body Wash                                               Canned chicken                           Diapers (any size)                                                                                         Macaroni & Cheese

Please place your donation in grocery basket in the foyer or in the picnic basket at the east door. You may also make a cash donation that will be used at the local food bank to help restock the pantry shelves. Your one time donation or ongoing pledge to the building fund helps ensure there will always be in place.

News from the Food Pantry

                In the first three months of 2016, the Methodist Food Pantry provided 588 families (1,288 people) with food for a week. Thirteen families received financial help to pay water and electric bills.                                                                                                                                                                       Jean Butler, manager of the Food pantry, would like to thank Bob Grodey for replacing flooring at the Pantry. Bob was assisted by Ralph Mollet. Thanks to them both for their expertise, and the work they did.



Souper Bowl Sunday

Every year in January we collect cans of soup that will be donated to the Methodist Food Pantry.

Souper Bowl Sunday 2017

Yea, St. James!!! You donated 237 cans of soup and chili in the 2017 Souper Bowl outreach project! Regardless of whether or not your team won in the football game, you made the United Methodist Food Pantry a winner, through this Super Souper Bowl. Thanks to those who also clipped Box Tops and Labels for Education that will be donated to Martinez Elementary. Some labels were clipped before the cans were donated – THANK YOU! Lots of other labels were clipped by Sarelda Meink and Ralph Mollet before Ralph delivered the donations to the Food Pantry on February 7. THANK YOU SARELDA AND RALPH!



Push for Protein

Our Push for Protein takes place during the Summer when school is out.

The Methodist Food Pantry needs high protein foods to meet the needs of families during the summer while kids are home from school.

Items such as ……………..                                                                                                                                          >>> Peanut Butter                                                                                                                                                            >>> Tuna                                                                                                                                                                  >>> Chili                       

……Of Course all the usual St. James items are always needed.

  • stew
  • soup
  • canned chicken
  • macaroni & cheese
  • cornbread mix

School is out so……………………….                                                                                               Ready, set, go  >> > > > > Push for Protein


Methodist Pantry Medical Supplies

St. James will collect medical supplies as they are needed by the Methodist Pantry.